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Industrial Pump Repair Service

Are you in need of industrial pump repair, or having problems with industrial pump parts that are hard to find, high in price, or experiencing premature wear?

Emnor Mechanical has 35 years’ of experience in industrial pump repair, repairing most industrial pump styles, manufacturers, sizes, and material combinations, both old and new. Clients across North America come to us in need of obsolete pump parts that are either no longer in production or are not available in the materials required for their application,

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Industrial Pump Repair Service

Pump Evaluation

Please contact us to arrange a visit to your location. Our experienced team will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the problem and determine the best way to solve it.

Pump Restored

We can provide full documentation of the industrial pump repair, as well as pressure and performance testing. In cases where cost is prohibitive, we offer surplus pumps through our extensive network of distributors.

One Year Warranty

We bring the pumps that we repair to like-new specifications, and provide a one year warranty on all industrial pump repairs.

Industrial Pumps We Service

Let Emnor Mechanical solve your pump repair and casting problems.

Please contact us to find out how Emnor can assist you with pump parts and pump repair requirements.
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