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Ingersoll Rand Pump Repair

Emnor Mechanical is the leading Ingersoll Rand pump repair service provider and has been servicing Ingersoll Rand pumps since 1977. Ingersoll-Rand was established in 1871 and has pumping installations throughout the world. Engineered pumps were an Ingersoll Rand specialty. Boiler feed water, condensate, high-pressure, and API pumps were built on a regular basis. With 40 years of experience, Emnor Mechanical will be able to effectively repair and service your Ingersoll Rand pump and pump parts.

If you need help with your Ingersoll Rand pumps that are no longer in production or cannot find the parts, Emnor Mechanical will be able to help. At Emnor, we have serviced customers from all over North America in need of obsolete pump parts or servicing for pumps that are no longer being made.

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Industrial Pump Repair

Get back up and running and extend the life of your pumps - Even legacy equipment.
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Industrial Pump Parts

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Reverse Engineering

Experts use the latest technology used to replace rare and obsolete parts.
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Mechanical Engineering

In-house repair of most sizes and types of mechanical seals.
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