Reverse Engineering

We Manufacture Discontinued Components

Emnor has been producing reverse engineered cast components since 1977. Since then we have supplied more than 50,000 components for pumps, compressors and motors. Many of the parts made have been for older equipment that is no longer manufactured. With over 8,000 components in our product catalog combined with the newest technology we are well prepared to help with any product requirement.

What We Offer

Emnor offers a quick and cost-effective alternative to expensive OEM replacement parts or equipment replacement if parts are no longer available.

Through the use of advanced modern technologies Emnor offers high quality cast components with improved dimensional accuracy and physical properties.

A full range of materials are available, including but not limited to, polymers, copper and aluminum alloys, steel alloys, and specialty irons.

Our products come with a 1-year warranty

Pump Reverse Engineering Process

Step One
Using modern scanning equipment 3D CAD models are created
Step Two
The required engineering changes are made to the models with the use of casting simulation software. Validated tooling models are sent for pattern manufacturing.
Step Three
Pattern tooling is inspected and sent to the foundry for casting. The castings are inspected for quality and dimensional accuracy upon arrival.
Step Four
The castings are machined. When complete, the finished parts are inspected, packed and shipped.
Frequently Asked Questions
What details are required for a quote?

Send us what information you have available along with some photos and basic dimensions. With this information Emnor can quote most components. If more details are required, one of our staff will contact you.

Which components are ideal for reverse engineering?

If the product has been discontinued and a sample is available reverse engineering can be a viable option. Ideal components are casings, impellers, and bearing frames. Please contact us for more information

What happens if I no longer have a sample, or the sample is heavily damaged?

Our experienced engineering department with the use of modern software and techniques can tackle even the most complex of designs. Please contact us for more information.

What is the lead time?

Lead time varies based on material requirement and if we have pre-existing tooling. Rush deliveries are handled on as required basis. Please contact us for more information.

Reverse Engineering
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