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Reverse Engineering Pump Parts

Pump reverse engineering – We replace obsolete and discontinued pump parts.

Our pump reverse engineering team at Emnor Mechanical in Hamilton Ontario has been helping companies across North America get their pumps back up and running for over 35 years. We manage the entire manufacturing process and provide our clients with pump replacement parts at competitive prices and with timely delivery.

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What We Do:

Companies across North America trust Emnor to get their equipment back up and running. Our pump reverse engineering team provides clients with new pump parts that are locally manufactured and at competitive prices. A full range of alloys are available from 14 local foundries, including bronzes, stainless, and specialty irons.

Emnor can offer machining drawings, patterns, castings, and finished machined products for any component you require.

Since 1977, we have made 1500 patterns and produced more than 8,000 machining drawings for pump parts.

Pump Reverse Engineering Process:

  • Step One

    Our team will start by replicating your component using a FARO arm and Solidworks CAD.

  • Step Two

    Next, our engineers will modify the model to ensure accurate fit and perform as a brand new OEM component.

  • Step Three

    We will then fabricate the patterns in-house and procure castings from local foundries.

  • Step Four

    Once the castings are inspected for quality, they enter our machine shop for machining and final QC inspection before shipping.

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