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Industrial Pump Repair &
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Mather and Platt Pump Repair

We can repair or replace your Mather and Platt pump and pump parts using our cutting-edge reverse engineering technology. Since the 1980’s, Emnor has been manufacturing impellers, guide tips, middle bodies and partition plates. From the measuring and 3D modelling of the pump parts through to the casting and machining, Emnor produces replacement Mather and Platt pump parts that are top quality. Often times we have made parts with material upgrades, resulting in increased life.

With over 35+ years in the industrial pump repair industry, Emnor’s engineering team is called upon by some of North America’s biggest industrial companies to repair and replace obsolete Mather and Platt pump parts. If your Mather and Platt pump is in need of repair, give us a call today.

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Industrial Pump Repair

Get back up and running and extend the life of your pumps - Even legacy equipment.
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Industrial Pump Parts

We’ve got connections. Let us find the parts you need when you need them most.
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Reverse Engineering

Experts use the latest technology used to replace rare and obsolete parts.
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Mechanical Engineering

In-house repair of most sizes and types of mechanical seals.
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