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Industrial Pump Repair &
Reverse Engineering Experts

KSB Pump Repair

If your KSB pump is wearing down or starting to malfunction, it’s time to call Emnor Mechanical. Our team of high-tech professionals will reverse-engineer your broken pump so you can go back to business as usual without skipping a beat. With over 35+ years in the pump repair business servicing North America’s major industry sectors, we have the tools and expertise to deliver exceptional service.

KSB is among the world’s leading producers of centrifugal and submersible pumps used in wastewater treatment, water transport and extraction, mining, power generation and chemical and petrochemical markets. Whether it’s replacing your obsolete KSB pumps or repairing / replacing damaged KSB pump parts, Emnor Mechanical will provide solutions you need.

Our Services

Industrial Pump Repair

Get back up and running and extend the life of your pumps - Even legacy equipment.
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Industrial Pump Parts

We’ve got connections. Let us find the parts you need when you need them most.
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Reverse Engineering

Experts use the latest technology used to replace rare and obsolete parts.
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Mechanical Engineering

In-house repair of most sizes and types of mechanical seals.
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