Mechanical Seal Repair

Supplying New Mechanical Seals & Repairing Seals of All Types and Sizes Since 1983.

Need a repair? Emnor performs in-house surface grinding, lapping and carbon face manufacturing to restore your mechanical seals back to like-new condition.

For mechanical seals that can't be restored, we keep a variety of new steals in stock as well as a full inventory of springs, set screws, o-rings, and gasket material.

For all seal repairs and replacements in the United States and Canada, call Emnor for a quick quote.

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1,000 New Seals

We stock over 1,000 new seals. Cartridge type are stocked in ANSI sizes and Component style, single and multi-spring, come in common material combinations. Our seals are interchangeable with John Crane, Burgmann, Flowserve, and more.

Cost-Saving Upgrade

Our engineering, design, machining and assembly expertise is well-suited for failure analysis. Being repair experts, Emnor has the experience and foresight to recommend changes that will extend pump life service.

Swap Packing for Mechanical

At Emnor, we do the machining, parts making and modifications required to convert pumps from packing to mechanical seals. Complex, engineered packages are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is needed to get a quote?

If possible, part numbers for the pump and seal, and the pump size. If you’re missing information, don’t worry. Send us what you know and a digital picture of the seal next to a tape measure and we’ll do the rest.

How long does it take to make a seal?

Repair or production time varies depending on your requirements. For an accurate time estimate, contact us directly.

Do you repair or replace seals?

We have the in-house capability for repairing most sizes and types of mechanical seals with surface grinding, lapping, and carbon face manufacturing. We stock over 1,000 new mechanical seals of both component and cartridge type with replacements for John Crane, Burgmann, Flowserve, and more.

Repair or replace leaky seals with Emnor Mechanical.

Find out how Emnor can repair, replace, or convert your existing seals to secure & efficient mechanical seals.
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