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Mechanical Seal Repair

At Emnor, we have the in-house capability for repairing most sizes and types of mechanical seals with surface grinding, lapping, and carbon face manufacturing.

We stock over 1,000 new mechanical seals of both component and cartridge type with replacements for John Crane, Burgmann, Flowserve, and more.

We can convert your pumps from packing to mechanical seals. Our engineering, machining, and pump assembly expertise allows us to convert even the most difficult applications.

Call Emnor Mechanical for all mechanical seal repairs in the US and Canada.Get in touch with us!

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1,000 New Seals

We stock over 1,000 new seals of both component and cartridge types with brands including John Crane, Burgmann, Flowserve, and more.

Cost-Saving Upgrade

Mechanical seals may be a cost-saving upgrade that will increase the sealing capabilities of your unit using braided packing.


At Emnor, we can convert your existing units from packing to a Mechanical Seal design.

Let Emnor Mechanical stop your seals from leaking.

Find out how Emnor can repair, replace, or convert your existing seals to secure & efficient mechanical seals.
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