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Flygt Pump Repair

Flygt is the originator of electric submersible pumps, and have been in the industry since their founding in 1901. Flygt provides a range of pumps that are dry pit, submerged and guiderail that are used to move water and wastewater. A full range of mixers is also offered. These products are used in industries such as aquaculture, mining, construction, municipal and others. The pumps range from heavy duty waste water use to clean water applications.

Since these pumps and mixers are used under water, it is especially important that they remain in excellent condition. In cases of mechanical seal failure or any other issues requiring attention such as wear, Emnor Mechanical can quickly and effectively service and make parts your Flygt pumps and mixers. At Emnor, we have over 40 years of experience servicing and repairing various pumps and manufacturing pump parts. This experience, combined with our advanced reverse engineering technology means that we will be able to fix any issues you may have with your Flynt pumps with ease.

In some cases, standard materials such as cast iron wear out too quickly. Emnor offers alloy upgrades that increase the service life of the wear parts.

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Flygt Pump Repair

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